Moose Paddle Dog Chew - Petite

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WILD Alaskan Moose Paddle antler dog chew. Your dog will enjoy every chomp of this long lasting chew. Alaskan Moose Paddles are fantastic for the casual chewer and older dogs. Also well suited for the finicky dog due to the exposed marrow around each cut side. Please refer to our Antler School page in order to ensure your best friend gets the chew that fits their size and personality.

Petite WILD Alaskan Moose Paddle antler dog chews weigh 1- 2 oz. each. 3 ANTLERS COME WITH PER 1 ORDER OF PETITE CHEWS 

Every antler is unique making each chew vary slightly in size, shape, and color. The Quality is Always The Same.

No harmful or artificial flavorings added.

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